August 10th, 2023

We always say that there's power on witnessing a micro wedding ceremony. You get to see and feel from real close, the cultural richness of getting married. It's an initiation ritual.


Picture this: Just you, your significant other, both immediate families, in a beautiful place far from home, promising eternal love to each other. No other witnesses but the people closest to your heart.


If you're browsing around, looking for inspiration about where to have your Mexico micro wedding, this is article is for you. We'll share the story of Molly and Colby, a couple from Utah that brought 7 of their favorite people and got married in Valle de Guadalupe, a beautiful wine country located in Northwest México. Do you want to know how they pulled this off? Keep on reading!


Molly, Colby & their beautiful family

We're going to start off by telling you about this incredible venue called Almazara Rancho Olivares in Valle de Guadalupe. It's an enormous chunk of land filled with Olive trees. Acres and acres worth of trees and a beautiful, well-preserved farm in the middle of it. The perfect location if you are looking to feel disconnected from the world, surrounded by the stillness and quietness of nature to enjoy such a one-in-a-lifetime experience.

It's important to mention that Almazara is one of the few wedding venues in Valle de Guadalupe that close down the whole property just for your event. If you rent the place, it's totally yours for the day. Outside people can't access the facility, so the level of privacy is outstanding.

Molly & Colby at Almazara Rancho Olivares

We met Molly and Colby a few months before the wedding, over a video-call and we instantly clicked, so we were super excited to finally meet them in person. They stayed at a Boutique Hotel called Lumi, which is less than 5 miles away from Almazara.

We all arrived at their hotel and it felt as if we've known each other for years. The perfect vibe was created and we were able to document such an intimate and important day feeling like part of the family.

Molly and all the women in her family at Lumi

We documented the whole getting ready process in a super relaxed pace. Both Molly and Colby were really enjoying their day; laughing around, having some drinks with the family before leaving to the venue, telling old family stories and always remembering home.

Part of the beauty of micro weddings, in our opinion, is the luxury of not having to stress-out before your ceremony. Your mind is not wandering around thinking about the million moving parts that comprise a big wedding. With a micro wedding, your mind is present. You are enjoying quality time with the people you love the most.


The groom wedding ready

As soon as they were done, we helped them set up their First Look. Which is one of our favorite wedding trends; the anticipation to looking each other for the first time triggers so many emotions in the couple. The photos always come out full of power and eternal happiness.

Molly & Colby's first look

Next up, we all moved from Lumi to Almazara. By the way, this is a fact...if you're planning on having your guests move around Valle de Guadalupe, you should be considering to hire the support of a local wedding planner. Valle de Guadalupe is a big region and distances between places are significant.

Molly and Colby teamed up with ProBoda Baja Wedding, a one-stop shop for Mexico micro weddings. They helped them with logistics, decoration concept, floral design, wedding furniture rental, live music, transportation services, etc.

We love working with ProBoda Baja Wedding because they know what they're doing and create flawless experiences for all their clients. Molly and Colby's micro wedding wasn't the exception.

Molly walking down the aisle of Olive trees with her father

They had an out-of-this-world ceremony surrounded by trees. You could see trees all the way up to the horizon and, couldn't hear a single sound but the voice of Molly's brother, who was the officiant. Words full of love and meaning were exchanged back and forth, in total silence. It was beautiful.

Molly's brother, the officiant

When the ceremony and their photoshoot was over, they all moved to the farm area and had delicious food and drinks. The laughters kept coming and everyone was a having a wonderful time, the Sun started to come down and they danced until the end of the night.

By themselves but not alone

We get the chills when we imagine the transcendency of the memories that were created that day. Humbling to think we helped them create the images that will join those stories forever.

Thank you, Molly and Colby. We'll never take this for granted!

If you've read until this point, we invite you to keep scrolling and watch more photos of this Mexico micro wedding in Valle de Guadalupe.

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