May 18th, 2022

This elopement in Bruma Casa 8, Valle de Guadalupe with Julia & Michael was surreal, to say the least. Valle de Guadalupe is slowly becoming one of the dream elopement locations in Baja for Americans living in California and around the West Coast. It's all about time until the rest of the world keeps up. Trusting foreign vendors with you money and ideas is not an easy task, we get it. So we invite you to keep reading, learn from this couple's experience and inspire you to plan your dream elopement in Baja.


Bruma, Casa 8 in Valle de Guadalupe


First off, let's talk about this phenomenal location. Burma, Casa 8 in Valle de Guadalupe is a place you can only picture in you mind once you step their premises. It's beyond everyone's imagination. Even us as locals, are blown away every time we work there. You find God's and human's beautiful creations everywhere you look. We kid you not!

If you live in California and are used to crossing the border into Mexico, Bruma is a 2 hour drive away. You can either arrive from driving through the Ensenada Coastline or driving through Tecate's beautiful mountains. We always recommend driving during the day.

Bruma, Casa 8 has eight suites to accommodate your guests or loved ones, all of them connected by a main suite. For this elopement in Baja, Julia & Michael just occupied the main suite that is located at the very top of the premises.


Bruma, Casa 8 main suite


Before we show you too much more of their special day, you have to get to know this couple a little bit! Julia & Michael are a couple just like you, based in California, who loves to visit Baja even though they barely speak Spanish. Yet, they had the tremendous luck to find Selene, from ProBoda Baja Weddings, an experienced wedding planner in Baja, and dear friend of ours, who they were able to trust with their vision and make it a reality.

Selene is so well connected in the wedding industry, that she can be your one-stop contact for venue scouting, floral decor, furniture decor, wedding planning, DJ services, wedding photographers, and the whole nine yards.


ProBoda Baja Weddings' style is unique


We met Michael and Julia at their suite right after noon and they were ready to start documenting their intimate and special day. Honestly, the getting ready part is our all time favorite when we document an elopement. It's a time for the couple to actually reflect on the idea of "Ok, we're doing this. It's only you and me and we need no one else". There's also a tranquility in it. There's no rush, no other people to please, no other place to be.


The couple at Bruma, Casa 8 main suite

The couple got ready in the same suite and at the same time. We were able to talk about each other's culture, our favorite books, hobbies and the fact that Julia is a bad ass surgeon. And once they were done, we headed out to their ceremony, which took place at the most iconic part of the location...Bruma's wood spider!

The words they exchanged during their ceremony were powerful and honest. They definitely created a particular energy; we all had a feeling that, even though we were the only people there, no one was missing. It was a symbolic manifesto that they were responsible for creating their own reality. It was a powerful way to start off their life as husband and wife.


The vow exchange at Bruma, Casa 8


Once the ceremony was over, the sunset was waiting for us to create magic. We love connecting with couples that are interested in having fun and actually taking the time to make art. To find the frames that will live on forever, the frames that will go hand and hand whenever this story is told.


The couple right before entering Fauna Restaurante, Valle de Guadalupe


This elopement day was incredible from top to bottom, with amazing humans and the most unreal location, lighting, textures, colors, you name it. So thankful to have been there to capture it all for these two!

Now, scroll down and get inspired. We would love to be your elopement photographers in Baja!

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