October 30th, 2023


Lauren and Riley's love story blossomed in Baja California, and it was only fitting that their wedding would be a celebration of their deep connection to this enchanting region. On August 12, 2023, at Las Rocas Resort in Rosarito, México, they embarked on a journey of love and togetherness, surrounded by family and friends. As we document their special day, we invite you to join us in reliving the magic that unfolded.


Chapter 1: Baja Roots

Lauren and Riley may hail from San Diego, but their hearts have long had a second home in Baja California. The region's vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes have been a cherished part of their lives since childhood. With a family house in Rosarito, they've spent countless moments enjoying the beauty and warmth that Baja has to offer.


Chapter 2: A Picture-Perfect Venue

When it came time to choose a wedding venue, there was no doubt: Las Rocas Resort was the place. Set along the stunning Baja coastline, it provided the perfect backdrop for their dream wedding. Our dear friends at ProBoda Baja Weddings worked their magic, transforming the venue into a paradise of romance and elegance.

Chapter 3: A 3-Day Celebration

Lauren and Riley's wedding was more than a single day; it was a three-day extravaganza filled with love and laughter. The festivities began with a lively pool party, setting the tone for a weekend of pure celebration. Cold beers, nachos, and guacamole set the stage for great times by the pool.


Chapter 4: The Happiness in the Air

Happiness and gratitude permeated every moment of the wedding day. Everyone shared the joy of the occasion, and it was evident in every smile and laugh. Thanks to the impeccable coordination by ProBoda Baja Weddings, guests and the bridal couple were free to savor the day without a care in the world.


Lauren & Riley with Selene, the mind and heart of ProBoda Baja Weddings

Chapter 5: The Perfect Bride

Lauren embodied the perfect bride, radiating an aura of ease and enjoyment. Her approach was simple: "Let's do whatever makes sense and not stress over the insignificant things. Let's all have the most fun!" This mentality resulted in fantastic photos, capturing the essence of the celebration.



Chapter 6: An American Wedding Extravaganza

As we document more American weddings, we can't help but fall in love with their unique spirit. These celebrations are less about glamour and more about creating lasting memories with loved ones. It's all about crafting "wedding stories" that will echo through generations. Lauren and Riley's wedding was a prime example—a classic American wedding, infused with the joy of life and love under the Baja California sun.



Chapter 7: A Dream Continues

The following day was equally enchanting. The bride's father hosted a delightful brunch at his home, situated right next to

Las Rocas Resort. An exceptional local chef crafted a BajaMed feast, rekindling the previous day's magic.



We're profoundly grateful to have shared in Lauren and Riley's journey of love and togetherness. Their wedding embodied the joyous spirit of American celebrations and the magic of Baja California, creating a lasting memory for all. This beautiful experience is a testament to the love and warmth found in every corner of this enchanting region.



Lauren and Riley's extraordinary wedding journey is just one example of the unforgettable love stories we've had the privilege to document. Your wedding day is a unique chapter in your own love story, and we would be honored to help you capture every precious moment.

Whether you're planning a wedding in Baja California or any other location, we're here to make your day last a lifetime in photographs. Our mission is to weave your love, your laughter, and your cherished memories into a visual narrative that will be shared for generations to come.

When the time comes to choose a photographer, we hope you'll think of Dámaris Melissa Photo to be by your side.

Contact us today, and let's start crafting your love story together.

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