July 30th, 2023

Dreaming of a Tijuana wedding? The question is, where in this vibrant city should you choose to celebrate your big day? If you're planning a Tijuana wedding with guests coming from the United States or anywhere around the world, this article is your guide.


Discover five wedding venues in Tijuana that not only boast breathtaking aesthetics but are also managed by reliable teams. Crucially, these venues are strategically located near the Tijuana-San Diego border, ensuring seamless logistics for you and your guests.


While finding a venue that aligns with your wedding vision is essential, logistical considerations are equally crucial. Time is a valuable commodity on your wedding day, and each minute deserves careful planning.


Situated within a one-mile radius after crossing the border, these wedding venues offer ample parking and valet services, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you and your guests. Nestled in a prime area of the city, these venues provide easy access to hotels, private transportation options, restaurants, and cultural attractions.


And as your wedding photographers, we highly recommend these venues not only for their convenience but also for the stunning backdrops they provide, guaranteeing unforgettable wedding photos.


Let's embark on this journey of discovering the perfect venue for your Tijuana wedding!


Raíz 337


1. RAÍZ 337 EVENTOS: Your Timeless Garden Oasis

Embark on your wedding journey at our all-time favorite, Raíz 337 Eventos. As one of the newest wedding venues in Tijuana, it captivates with meticulously preserved gardens, a spacious roofed area, and ample parking. Ideal for large weddings, Raíz 337 provides the perfect blend of an outdoor setting within the city limits.


Experience the charm of an open-air celebration without compromising on space. Conveniently located near Quartz Hotel and Lucerna, both just a mile away, your guests will find comfort in these nearby accommodations. Additionally, this venue is in proximity to the city's main churches, providing easy access for various ceremonies.


For those considering a Christian or symbolic ceremony, Raíz 337 offers a beautiful on-site area to make your dreams a reality. To streamline your venue booking process, we recommend reaching out to Elizabeth Morett Wedding & Event Planner. Her expertise will ensure your Raíz 337 experience is as seamless as your love story.


Jardín Valge


2. JARDÍN VALGE: Your Versatile Wedding Canvas

Discover the magic of Jardín Valge, a wedding venue in Tijuana that we truly adore. What sets it apart is its vast and adaptable space—a true blank canvas awaiting your unique vision. In our opinion, it's the most versatile venue in the city, allowing each wedding to be a distinct and personalized experience. We've had the pleasure of documenting numerous weddings here, and each one has felt entirely its own.


The key to unlocking the full potential of Jardín Valge lies in the hands of an experienced and talented wedding planning team. Our friends at Navarrete Wedding and Event Planner, led by Gaby, have orchestrated 85% of the weddings we've captured at this venue. Their expertise consistently leaves us in awe of the final result.


Conveniently located near the Tijuana-San Diego border with a generous parking lot, Jardín Valge understands the importance of hassle-free logistics on your big day. We understand that parking might seem like a minor detail, but in the whirlwind of wedding preparations, a stress-free parking experience ensures smooth sailing for everyone involved.


Let the versatile charm of Jardín Valge become the canvas for your dream wedding, with Navarrete Wedding and Event Planner guiding you every step of the way.




Casa Baloyán



3. CASA BALOYÁN: An Urban Winery Love Story

Casa Baloyán holds a special place in our hearts, and for good reason. Before my journey as a wedding photographer, I served as the venue coordinator for Casa Baloyán from 2015 to 2018. This unique experience taught us invaluable insights into the wedding industry in Tijuana. Nestled along one of Tijuana's main arteries, Agua Caliente Blvd, Casa Baloyán is an urban winery like no other. While not as close to the border, its accessibility is unparalleled, and yes, it boasts its own spacious parking lot.


You might be wondering, what exactly is an urban winery? Well, it's precisely what it sounds like—a city space where wine is crafted. The venue's architecture is captivating, creating a chilled and cozy atmosphere necessary for the winemaking process. Casa Baloyán offers three distinct areas for your reception, catering to various concepts, guest numbers, and seasonal preferences. For grand weddings, the entire venue seamlessly connects, transforming into an expansive and enchanting space.


If Casa Baloyán intrigues you, we highly recommend reaching out to our dear friend, former boss, and all-around wedding planning extraordinaire, Aaron Ochoa. With an in-depth understanding of Casa Baloyán, he can guide you through the venue booking process, ensuring your wedding is a masterpiece.



Los Jardines by Voga Eventos


4. LOS JARDINES BY VOGA EVENTOS: Intimate Elegance in Lush Greenery

If envisioning a mid-sized wedding (100-120 guests) is part of your dream, then Los Jardines by Voga Eventos is the ideal venue in Tijuana. Featuring a spacious patio adorned with lush green areas, it caters perfectly to those dreaming of an enchanting outdoor ceremony. Moreover, for those preferring an indoor reception, a generous hall awaits, allowing you to utilize the patio for cocktail tables and intimate conversations, creating a perfect balance away from the dance floor.


Much like our other recommendations, Los Jardines offers valet parking services, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your guests. Situated in a privileged area of the city, it opens doors to numerous hotel and restaurant options in close proximity. The nearby Marriot Tijuana, Grand Hotel Tijuana, and Real Inn Tijuana provide convenience and choice for you and your guests. Let Los Jardines be the canvas for your wedding masterpiece, surrounded by elegance and natural beauty.



La Ronda, Salón de Eventos


5. LA RONDA SALÓN DE EVENTOS: Timeless Elegance at Your Doorstep

Last but certainly not least, we present La Ronda, a venue that stands out as the nearest wedding destination to the border, a mere 5-minute drive once you cross into Mexico. La Ronda specializes in classic wedding receptions, offering a beautiful ballroom where you can gather all your cherished guests, indulge in delectable cuisine, and dance the night away. At every wedding we've documented at this venue, the vibrant tunes of a live band have filled the air, ensuring the dance floor remains alive throughout the night.


La Ronda is the epitome of a grand celebration, perfect for those seeking an expansive party atmosphere and a worry-free experience, irrespective of the weather. Come rain or shine, your wedding day at La Ronda is destined to be unforgettable. Revel in timeless elegance and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Capture Your Love Story with Us: Wedding Photographers in Tijuana.

Now that you've explored the perfect wedding venues in Tijuana, it's time to focus on the next crucial element of your special day—the photography. Look no further! Tijuana is not just our base; it's our heartbeat, and we'd be honored to be the storytellers of your wedding day.

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